Telos is currently under development. To learn more about our progress, click here.

Alternative health, medicine, and lifestyle.

Welcome to the Telos Digital Television Network. As we continue to develop our programming and bring it to communities around the world, we wanted to share our live broadcast online for you to enjoy.

While we're working to bring Telos to your area, enjoy this preview and share it with your friends and family. We hope you find our message to be as empowering, enlightening, and uplifting as we do.

Where can I watch Telos Digital Television?

In addition to this site, you can watch Telos in the following areas:
Location Channel Station/Network
Atlanta, GA CH 16 WYGA
Baton Rouge, LA CH 30 WLFT
Chicago, IL CH 25 W25DW-D
Dallas, TX CH 31 K31GL-LD
Los Angeles, CA CH 45 KSKJ
Louisville, KY ---- WBNA
Miami, FL CH 16 W16CC
New York, NY CH 42 WKOB
Philadelphia, PA CH 7 WWJT
Portland, ME CH 23 WPFO
Sacramento, CA CH 51 KBTV
San Diego, CA CH 36 KSKT
Tampa, FL CH 15 W15CF