Kids movies that showed a parallel universe

Without imagination we human cannot explore our creative side. It’s imagination that helps us to think in a broader way. Imagination cannot be restricted to certain measure or level, it is something which has its own wings and can take it flight within our minds. Artists have good imagination, and this is what helps them explore the art in them. Imagination is a fantasy we live in our minds especially during our childhood. Imagination is something which helps make learning more fun and this could be the reason children can easily understand and feel interested listening to fantasy stories like fairy tales. No wonder parents have to keep a good collection of fairy tale books which can be bought online these days from various sites like, or Imagination can create an imaginary world, a parallel world, a world which does not exist outside but exists in our minds.

The list of kids movies based on parallel universe

Kid’s movies are mostly 2D or 3D animated movies, it always comes with a message, so they are movies that entertain and teach you some moral lessons through fantasy.  Here are some interesting movies that talk about parallel universe:

  • Alice in Wonderland – The 1951 animated movie, which is an adaptation of the book of the same name talks about a parallel universe that is termed as a wonderland. The story has interesting characters like Bill the lizard, caterpillar, Dodo the white rabbit and others that talk like humans.
  • Jumanji – The adventure film which again was an adaptation of the children book Jumanji was released in 1995, which starred Robin Williams. The movie takes you a parallel universe which exits in a game.
  • Zathura: A Space Adventure– This movie was seen as a sequel to Jumanji released in the year 2005. This movie again revolves around a game which has parallel universe of a space hidden within it.
  • The Little Mermaid – The Walt Disney animated movie was released on 1989, based on a fairy tale. The move here talks about a parallel world that exits deep within the ocean where creatures like mermaids are shown to exist.
  • Super Mario Bros. – This 1993 released movie is based on the video game character Mario. This movie shows Mario and bros. enter a parallel universe to fight the villain of the parallel universe.
  • Spirited Away – This is a Japanese animated movie, released in the year 2001. Here a parallel universe of spirit world is shown, explored by a teenager girl Chihiro Ogino hidden behind an abandoned amusement park.
  • Harry Potter and Series – One of the most renowned Kids movie series is based on the novel and its series, which takes the viewers to a parallel universe of Magic.

These movies are so beautifully illustrated, that one might get influenced to believe that a parallel universe might exist; these movies can be watched online through sites like or Some cultures and religious believes often talk about existence of a parallel universe; this might have inspired the writers to write stories for books and movies on parallel universe.