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Boost your energy! Boost your life! Boost your diet, exercise and relationships! That’s what Boost has to offer! From Adventure holidays to Ice bathing to organic baby foods to Zumba, you will find everything from A to Z on this exciting healthy lifestyle program.

Join the hosts as they explore new and different ways to Boost your health through nutrition, ex-ercise, spiritual guidance, self-help and a multitude of other topics. Geared to a broad age range of viewers, Boost will capture the attention of everyone watching. This half-hour program offers six to eight different topics, all relating to alternative ways of living.

Filmed in the UK, the hosts travel around the world bringing new ideas and information to their programs. You might take a trip to a Tea Plantation, a celebrity’s kitchen or a fitness Boot Camp in Australia! One thing is certain, to stay fit and healthy, you probably need a Boost!

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