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Burton Goldberg

Burton Goldberg

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  • Burton Goldberg
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Everyone is looking for a cure for cancer. But are they looking in the wrong place? Noted Publisher and Healthcare consultant Burton Goldberg, believes there is hope for finding a cure for cancer, and it may be as simple as a combination of alternative medicine and conventional medicine. With numerous books un-der his belt, his no-nonsense medical wisdom has been the discussion of hundreds of programs.

Cancer Conquest, Ethical Stem Cells Now, Curing Depressing, Addictions are DVD programs with outstanding information and insight. All these and many other topics will be featured. Bur-ton Goldberg has spent 30 years carefully researching alterna-tive medicine in various parts of the world. He has the insight into what is politically correct, what really works, and what cures are on the horizon. His best selling guide “Alternative Medicine-The Definitive Guide” has sold more than 750,000 copies.

So join Burton Goldberg as we bring his well known DVD series and life-transforming information to the Telos Digital Television Network.

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