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Are you ready to get fit? Heat is ready to help you! Personal fitness has never been so much fun as a half-hour workout with the fitness experts of heat. These dynamic trainers will teach you everything from low-impact aerobics and why they work, to strengthening your abs for a toned and gorgeous body, to learning the basics of Tai-Kwan-Do. And there is nothing better than doing your workout in the privacy of your own home!

Each of the fitness experts on heat will take you step-by-step, slowly showing you how to do the workout at your own pace. Then they increase the pace, fast-track you to fitness and teach you another technique on the next program. The greatest thing about heat is that you can learn and try multiple ways of getting in shape. If you don’t like one workout, then try another one. Heat will take you through many different ways to burn those calories and get yourself in the best shape of your life!

They also help isolate the parts of your body that you want to work on: Arms, legs, abs, bottom or tummy. Heat is the personal fitness program that is just what you want—personal. Join them as they work with you to get you in shape!

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