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Holistic Health Now

Holistic Health Now

Hosted by
  • Mary Jo Ruggieri
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Dr. Mary Jo Ruggieri has a 30-year background in all facets of education with a focus in health science, physiology of exer-cise, sports training, and physical education. Mary Jo is a retired assistant professor of 25 years from Ohio State Univer-sity and coached two-time Olympic coach. Her background has created a platform for Mary Jo to understand how the human body works through Polarity: Energetic touch, reflex and acu-puncture.

On her weekly program Holistic Health Now, Mary Jo will ex-plore the benefits of all forms of alternative and complemen-tary medicine. Her outstanding background, education and ex-pertise in the medical field gives her a credibility that is second-to-none. Her Institute of Holistic Health Careers keeps her in touch with the key speakers, experts and practitioners who will share their wisdom with the viewers.

Learn what Craniosacral Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Reflexology, Feldenkrais Method and much more on HOLISTIC HEALTH NOW. Each week Dr. Mary Jo Ruggieri will bring an informa-tive, and perhaps, life changing program to the Telos Digital Television Network.

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