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Innerviews with Kimmie Rose

Innerviews with Kimmie Rose

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  • Kimmie Rose
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After years of radio programs, “Kimmie Rose” will take her weekly InnerViews to the television airwaves. With numerous books, articles, and self-improvement DVDs already published, her TV program will feature guests who are also experts in the Body, Mind and Spirit arena. Providing a forum for open dialog and discussion on topics like self-hypnosis, healing, relation-ships, and much more, Kimmie is best known for her authorita-tive voice of reasoning: Manifest abundance in the present.

Kimmie offers daily horoscope readings, lecturers, teaches, provides personal readings and continues to reach out to a world where her touch is often all that is needed to see a brighter future. Together with her mother, they own a meta-physical store, Lite The Way in Michigan.

On InnerViews with Kimmie Rose, she never hesitates to guide and direct the focus on each guest in the way that she believes they need to go. Travel with her as she heads down the path of teaching others how to tap into their own intuitive gifts; and as she strives to help everyone see, “we are one.” Join Kimmie Rose on her weekly quest to help others connect with them-selves and reach the level we all have within.

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