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Inside Health

Inside Health

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What is happening in the world of traditional, alternative and self-healing medicine? Take a look with Inside Health, a half-hour program which takes you across the world of medicine, practices and new treatments. Each program brings you four different topics, spanning the topics of new, cutting edge and alternative medicine practices.

A doctor in Indonesia can access your records in the US with the click of a mouse once all your medi-cal records are put into a medical data base. A person waiting on a heart transplant can now receive an artificial heart, much like the artificial knees, hips and shoulders that are common place. A hospi-tal in London has dedicated its practice to the study, treatment and cure of Cancer. These stories are delivered with accuracy, intelligent and understandable information. It is what is happening In-side Health around the world.

By taking a look at medical treatments around the globe, viewers can learn how a solution not known to their doctor, just may be the cure that saves their life. Inside Health delivers a knock-out punch of just the right amount of education, insight and medical knowledge. If you want to under-stand how a doctor in the US can collaborate with a doctor involved in a clinical trial in Switzerland can impact the health of patients in Mexico, then tune in to Inside Health.

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