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What is it exactly that makes us who we are? An inner drive? A Higher Being? A well-trained mind? It may be all of these things. Come along as Inspiration leads you on an introspective search of who you are and how you can improve.

Are you thankful for each challenge you face, knowing you can learn and grow from them? Do you appreciate the little things in life, realizing that life is a series of little things? Are you pre-pared to face the difficult times, knowing that they will make you stronger? Inspiration will guide you as you come to understand that each of us has more inside our own self than we really know. Learn to capture that inner being and use it to your advantage.

From relationships with others, to our daily walk alone, to reaching Up for direction, Inspiration will help you find what you need to make it through with a positive outlook and a happy spirit. So come along on this hour-long program of inner strength and consciousness. Inspiration will in-deed, inspire you.

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