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The Champions

The Champions

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In every sport around the globe, a few stand out as The Champions. Come along on this half-hour program devoted to introducing the viewers to the true Champions of the sports world. From Mohammad Ali to Tiger Woods, the hosts take a look at what makes these people do the extra-ordinary things that have turned them into Champions.

From motor cross to motor racing, golf to tennis, soccer to boxing, The Champions is dedicated to showing sports-minded viewers what makes these people stand head and shoulders above the others in their sport.

Go with the hosts of this program as they travel around the world, searching out who is the greatest, strongest, fastest and best at every spectator sport known. And listen as they get inside their heads, probing, questioning and sharing what has made them the impressive person that people have come to know.

The Champions will delight even the weekend-warrior or the nonchalant sports enthusiasts as they take a look at more than just the sport, they look at The Champion within…

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