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The Greats

The Greats

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How many great people can you name in a minute? How many can you tell about in 30-minutes? The hosts of The Greats will answer that question as they educate their viewers about The Greats in every walk of life and on every continent, alive and dead, famous or infamous. This is the pro-gram that will entertain while educating, inform while enlightening and keep you coming back for more!

What makes a person to be viewed as a “great” person? Is it their character? Their actions? Their charity? Their intelligence? Their position in society? It could be all or none of these things, but the list of “greats” will surprise viewers with information that they present. Some of these peo-ple have changed the course of history: The Wright Brothers, Martin Luther King, Jr., Albert Ein-stein. While others, although well-known, maybe more interesting than history-changing. Judy Garland, Alfred Hitchcock, Johnny Cash can certainly be called Great in their field, but would our lives be different had they not existed?

What ever your definition is of “great,” this interesting and thought-provoking program will prove to be one worth watching. Created with accuracy and entertaining insight, our history books are opened for a closer inspection. Join the hosts as they travel through time, searching for The Greats…

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