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Why What Where?

Why What Where?

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Geared to children of all ages, this educational program provides answers to questions that every-one wants to know! Questions about Space Exploration, Wild Animals, Weather, Ancient History, Cultures of the World , Our Bodies, World Food, and much, much more are answered with clear, concise and kid-friendly answers. Come along as hosts bring education to a total “Edu-tainment” level!

Did you know monkeys have great eyesight? That a polar bear’s furry feet act like snowshoes? Do you know when the Chinese New Year is celebrated? Do you know where to find a rickshaw? Why, What and Where? Is filled with fascinating facts! Each program brings a half-hour of fun-filled segments dealing with the topic of the day. Not only are the topics interesting, but the pro-gram delivers it so all the questions are answered: Why, What and Where!

Join the hosts of this program as they explore what makes the world so unique. And stay with them as they encourage their viewers to try new things, experience different tastes and explore their own uniqueness!

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